I found this adorable Hornsea mug at a Value Village the other day and was totally psyched! I was by myself and was literally freaking out in my head....I got a high from finding this. Unfortunately I'm not going to keep it. Instead I'm giving it to my friend, Chika, who had recently developed an obsession for Hornsea mugs and housewares. She's been on a bidding rampage to collect a bunch of them. The animal ones goes for quite a bit on Ebay...so she better have to find something good for me in return.
The Hornsea mugs are made in England, designed in the early 70's by John Clappison for Hornsea Pottery. Each character is made from newsprint with words all over them. They're quite delightful and it's pretty rare to see them in the states, let alone Seattle...So that's why I got so excited!!
This is a collection of Hornsea mugs from H is for Home. Such a striking photo to see them all together like that!

Another great find of the month are these colorful and fun vintage tea towels that I got from the antique store with all the oil cans. There were all in a pile and I was literally picking them up and was going "Keep, keep, keep.....oh yeah, that's also a keep...keep, and keep!!!" I've been looking for cute vintage tea towels and haven't had much luck, and then now all of sudden I find 7 of them all at once!? what a lucky day!
I love all the color combination, the subject and the illustration style.....penguins with hearts and playing piano?? I mean...COME ON! The four on the bottom with bunch of housewares illustrated have the same graphic, but all are in such lovely color combinations that are super inspiring.