I found these great vintage books recently with the best two color printed illustrations inside. One books is a kid's book called 'The Man Who Didn't Wash His Dishes' (gross...I know), and another is 'Betty Crocker's Good and Easy' cook book (not so good, but maybe easy). Both have illustrations of various housewares, which is why I'm so in LOVE with it!

Today the story I'm telling is about a man who didn't wash his dishes. Look at all those lovely bowls, plates, and pots all piled up precariously...that man is a very BAD man....that's not how you should treat your dishes!
The man uses his dishes everyday and leaves it everywhere piling up all over his house, unwashed. As days pass, he uses more clean dishes and leaves more of them unwashed until he finally ran out of all the clean dishes he can use! So he had to resort to using his soap dish from his bathroom! eeeeeeeeeeew. But now what? he has no dishes to use left. AH-HA! The man came up with an idea (he even got a light bulb by his head for this idea!) His solution to cleaning all the dishes was........to put all the dishes in his truck while he drove around in the rain!!!! WHAT?!......WHAT!? The RAIN isn't going to clean out all the grease or any of the the crusty crumbs that are stuck on the edges...you crazy man!!
But that's how it ended. Him eating out of the dishes that were washed in the rain....It's story that's supposed to teach kids a lesson about washing dishes, but I'm not sure how good of a message they're giving to the kids on this one.
It should of been a story of how all the dirty dishes got so dirty and mad that it became a giant dish monster and ate the man who didn't wash his dishes.....THE END.
That will most definitely scare the kids to wash their dishes...

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