I've been having fun with wheel throwing for the past 8 weeks, but felt like I needed to do something more experimental with patterns. So I decided to take out my set of old linoleum alphabet stamps to stamp on clay! I was totally itching to use my stamps, because I haven't used it since making Christmas gift tags....It's been awhile.
I was screwing around with the stamps. I didn't keep the design. I used letters instead. The color of the stamps are from the ink, which unfortunately won't stay after being fired. I guess I can hand glaze each letter, but most likely it won't look as clean as the photo. Hmm...dilemma. I might just glaze it white, since you can't go wrong with white....I'm very cautious with the glaze, because it's a breaker deal with this step. It doesn't matter how cool the piece looks, if it has crappy looking glaze, then you might as well throw it against a wall....or throw at somebody you hate. I'm exaggerating, but pretty much it just gets ruined if the glaze don't turn out the way you expect. We'll see in a few weeks!