WOW! I just found out that L&G was featured on design sponge!! I'm a HUUUUGE fan of D*S Blog and so this is a great honor to be featured on there along with all those other amazing stuff. I was practically jumping off the wall when I saw my store featured on there, especially when I only started L&G a week before the posting! This is super encouraging!

The posting was on Jan. 24 titled 'Vintage Kitchen'! and then a posting on Jan 31st Titled 'Before and After Mid Century Hutch,' in the top left corner there's the same Taylor Smith & Taylor casserole dish I sold on L&G! I was wondering how the number of people who hearts my store went from less than 20 to 160!!! I think it was all because D*S.....well...I know it is!
Thanks Design* Sponge! I heart you!! -3- Muah! (that's a face doing a kissy face)

Oh! They also have the same mustard color Mikasa sugar bowl in my store, too in the upper right corner! I like their teal Mikasa salt and pepper set (lower shelf) as well. Such sweet colors...


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