Wooden building blocks + Painted white plastic animals

=Wooden school, house, and barn building blocks on my windowsill with bunch of plastic white animal figurines lined up behind!!
From: Seattle, Washington
Why building blocks?? I've always been obsessed with wood things and toys, and those two things combined makes me very happy....VERY happy...as if I'm a kid again. I can be happy with these simple basic toys. So happy that I don't even care whether I have a Wii, the Harry Potter Lego set, or the newest Bratz dolls (those things are absolutely appalling in every way)...what can I say....I'm a simple person who appreciates simple wooden toys.
p.s. There's a folder on flickr dedicated to the whole project(click link for information) so as more people submit you can see more stories. So it won't just be about me anymore....thank goodness, because I'm starting to run out of materials!...that's actually a lie, because I can always talk about food!