Happy new year everyone! I have a feeling that this year is gonna be great. I foresee great changes that will take place this year. Things like me waking up and going to work on time, eat more veggies and fruit (organic ones, of course) instead of my usual rice and fried eggs, bread and butter, or potatoes and cheese....dont' get me wrong, they're still very satisfying on occasion! But I do need to follow the "less carbs and more fiber/nutrition rule."....that's what she says.

But REALLY the biggest change of all is my launching of my new Etsy store 'Ladies & Gentlemen.' This is my store where I sell vintage goods that I find all over the place starting in Seattle, WA. (hopefully will expand to multiple states or even countries!) I always have this compulsive behavior where I see something at a garage sale or thrift store that I must get, but always end up talk myself out of it because in the end....I don't really NEED another owl figure besides the 10 that already have, or another set of creamer and sugar set. But it's just that when I spot something unique I feel like I need to just get it, and give it someone who'll like it as much as I do!! There's nothing wrong with me! Right?
So starting Ladies and Gentlemen store has been the most therapeutic thing which cured my need to obtain great awesome finds and all guilt free!!! Thanks Etsy! Your the best! :)