Finally! This is a new beginning for a brand new America.....with our new elected president Obama!! Is this really real!? Is this a dream?? Am I'm gonna wake up tomorrow and realize McCain won, but then he dies and then Palin as the VP takes over America letting teen girls run around and get knocked up left and right, passing out bibles and guns to all the kids in school, while she spending hundred thousands of American tax dollars to dress herself up like a whore....a MILF whore that is. I admit...she is still a great American hockey mom. You Becha!
Luckily...this isn't a dream!! Palin isn't the VP, so all that won't happen to us...except in Alaska. PHEW!! sorry, people and animals in Alaska.:P
With all this anticipation and anxiety that I've been feeling for the longest period of my life, it totally went away when I saw Obama's number rising up beating McCain's with incredible speed...He even won states that we never thought it'd be possible! a true miracle.

When we watched Obama's victory speech intently and quietly as everyone absorbed every insightful word that came out of his mouth. Watching the TV screen as the camera switches between his face and the hopeful tearful faces of the people, it just filled me with joy, hope and love for America for the very first time. Honestly, for the fact that I wasn't born in the States, I never understood the meaning of America or felt any sort of patriotism what so ever....until now. I'm sure this goes for finally be able to be proud as an American....and it's beautiful. tear...(;_;)In memory of this amazing historical election I'm getting these fantastic pair of posters by Flora Fauna. It's $35 for the pair of prints. I love the colors and the composition of the mirrored image of the doves symbolizing peace, hope, and love. We ARE the United States of America!