This is is final election day. It's hard to imagine how EVERYONE's lives will change depending on what happens on November 4th, 2008. I mean..this is HUGE! It matters not only to the people in America...but also to the rest of the world!
I have a feeling that I'm gonna cry either way...If Obama/Biden'll be tears of immense joy and new hope for America. But if McCain/Palins wins (which they WON'T!)'ll be tears of what-the-F*&K and S^#T-we're-all-gonna-die!!
So, to ensure that that no voting fraud can happen to our ballots, Dylan and I took photos of ourselves as proof to show who we voted for. But also to document us experiencing this extraordinary historical event. I'm imagining 10 years from now when we share this with our kids....oh, about how back in the day we had to use a device called, pen, to physically write in our votes and how we carefully and precisely darkening in the bubble area next to Obama and Biden's name, sealed it in a separate paper-made pocket called, envelope, and sent out our ballots to a place called, post office, which sort out millions of other envelopes, which then gets delivered to the final destination and gets counted. We'll most likely have to explain all this, since I'm sure 10 years from now the technology will be so advance that our kids will be voting with their minds or using some blue-toothy GPS robot-humans, whom will count the votes and teleport that to the central voting HQ, which will be stationed on Mars or perhaps, Saturn...I'm pretty positive that's gonna happen.Oh yeah, I also had to document this beautiful work of art by Dylan & I where we drew hearts and a halo around Obama's photo and little sparkling marks by Biden's shiney white teeth on the voter's pamphlet. And here's McCain with that goofy swim goggles and douche-bag-looking mustache and that man-lady Palin with a Hitler mustache and Adam's apple. Despite their looks, I think they make great candidates as president or vice president of Wal-Mart superstores.....Alaska.

This is the mark of 2008 election....Let's all witness history tonight.