I was browsing on abbytrysagain's flickr. She takes fantastic dreamy photos with her talented camera eye and I always end up spending way too much time just admiring her photos and her blog. There, I saw the MOST beautiful camera...a vintage Falcon compact camera. Look at this beauty. Isn't it stunning?! The rich green, the sleek form, the art deco graphic lines, the proportion....everything! It's an art piece in itself!
via sh--4--rk
Then I startedd looking for vintage cameras and I found this RIDICULOUSLY adorable mini spycam, and it EVEN comes with a leather case!! SHUT UP!! FOR REALS?!
It's through this ebay-seller who sells lots of other beautiful antique cameras. But THIS by far is the coolist little camera I've ever seen. But I think I'm more in love with molded leather case than the camera itself.