FINALLY!! The moment I've been waiting for....Beard Papa is in Seattle!!! I've been dreaming about him ever since my unforgettable encounter with him in Japan when I studied abroad there in 2003....Oh! how I still remember it like it was only yesterday! I don't talk about Beard Papa to Dylan much.....since he gets jealous. But it wasn't 'til now that he came to understand my obsession with him.
Last weekend, we went to Uwajimaya by the food court, and from the corner of my eyes, I saw this BRIGHT yellow & white booth with Beard Papa's adorable face and a whole table covered with beautiful golden cream puffs!!If you don't know about Beard Papa, you should watch this animated story which will explain everything. Beard Papa is a Japanese franchise that started in Osaka, Japan. Not only is Beard Papa super cute and kind, he also makes the BEST cream puffs...actually WORLD'S BEST! They have great texture and are not too sweet or heavy. I love Japanese sweets for that fact.
For mere $2.75, you can get these delicious cream puffs with the perfect outer crust and creamy filling that are freshly filled right when you order! Their Choux pastry puff is this brilliant well-engineered patented TWO layered crust with crunchy texture on the outside and soft within. Their original whipped vanilla custard cream is a classic. They also have special flavors like green tea, strawberry, chocolate, earl grey where they change it up everyday.
I think even Dylan is in love with Beard Papa now. :D