L&G Shop is back!! And oh boy, do we have some fantastic finds! First things first, I just have to say that this Olivetti graphic for their typewriter is the coolest thing I've seen! We happened to have painted one of our walls similar to that green! Plus we have an aqua Olivetti typewriter which we're totally gonna hang it on the wall as a display! Now I just gotta convince Dylan to paint one of the walls with that pink...Dylan and I gathered a collection of diversely vintage typewriters. The antique industrial Remington, mid-century Italian Olivetti and classic Olympic, and all are available on our L&G shop! We're psyched about these since each and every one of them are in great working condition. They all have fantastic color schemes and design details! There's nothing that compares to the satisfying clicking sound of the keys.
Check them out! If you're into Olivetti typewriters, check out this site to see all their vintage designs!

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