I was browsing around on ebay and found this ebay store selling tons of great vintage books with awesome graphics!! I just love the fantastic color pallet and the simplicity of shapes and illustrations used. Since I'm on a spending freeze (recommended by you know who), I figured why not just save all the awesome graphics for reference!I spent way too much time looking through every page to find the best ones. So you're in luck ladies & gentlemen. Here's a little feast for the eyes of fun book covers!! ENJOY!
All the muted colors on these kid's books look so well all together!
My favorites are the two covers using pink and grays with the playful texture. The beaker filled with letters! It's just brilliant!
You can see all these covers plus more on my flickr vintage graphics set.I'm REALLY curious to find out what this book, "The Fugitive Pigeon" is about..... Maybe it's a suspense thriller story of those two guys (on the top left corner) chasing the pigeon for stealing their lunch. But the main character (the Pigeon) was in fact framed by another pigeon who looked a lot like him. The fugitive pigeon had to leave everything behind...even it's family of 3 eggs. He migrated to an entirely different state with a new identity, life, wife and eggs...everything. The Pigeon was living a peaceful life working at some small town Wal-Mart getting by with amazing employee discounts. Until one day, the guys tracked down the pigeon with their GPS navigator & iPhone and found the Pigeon and kidnapped his family. Will the Pigeon save his wife and couple of eggs? Will the Pigeon be able to find out who framed him and be able to resolve this misunderstanding? Will the Pigeon escape this predicament? Will the guys come to a realization of how ridiculous it is to be chasing a pigeon? What could this book possibly be about?!


All images provided by Locobeans Loft

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