L&G x Henrybuilt: Common Ground installation during NYC x Design

During 2019 NYCxDESIGN through September, Henrybuilt present Common Ground, a showroom installation by Dylan Davis and Jean Lee of Ladies & Gentlemen Studio, who conceived the show based on their history working with Henrybuilt and the resulting overlap of the two brands’ values, references, and methodologies.  Ladies & Gentlemen will be featuring new lighting and styled vignettes with object by Origin throughout the gallery space, responding to the Henrybuilt system’s elegant functionality by complementing it with organic forms and soft materiality.  

Common Ground will mark a reconnection of the two brands’ creative roots that can be traced back to their beginnings in Seattle, Washington.  Davis, co-founder of Ladies & Gentlemen Studio began his design career as an intern at Henrybuilt in 2005.  Davis worked closely with founder Scott Hudson to articulate the foundational standards of Henrybuilt’s system.  Lee, Davis’s co-founder at Ladies & Gentlemen, was pivotal in the development of leather products for the company.  In addition to fostering significant growth for the Henrybuilt brand, their six-year working relationship provided Davis and Lee with the philosophical and practical knowledge upon which they based Ladies & Gentlemen Studio’s driving principles.  This installation will reflect this by highlighting the intersection of the brands’ work in shaping beautifully functional spaces that celebrate elegance and simplicity.

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Exhibit is on view through September, 30th, 2019

Henrybuilt Showroom

12 Crosby St, New York, NY 10013

Hours: M-F, 11am-6pm



Still / Life: L&G x Calico Wallpaper x MUD Exhibit in Milan 2019

hero_image_with text.jpg

L&G debuted at Milan during Salone del Mobile this year with Still / Life, an exhibit presented by Calico Wallpaper in collaboration with Mud Australia. A sensorial installation that offered guests a moment of introspection, interaction, and stillness, Still / Life featured site-specific gradients by Calico Wallpaper, interiors and lighting by Ladies & Gentlemen Studio, and ceramics by Mud Australia. The spatial concept designed by studio founders Dylan Davis and Jean Lee, envisioned a space that embraced a dual state of tranquility and vitality, revealing a calming yet enriching environment that opened the senses to elemental possibilities: a momentary day dream, a fond memory, or a chance conversation. The installation incorporated elements of process and materiality from the exhibitors as a means to celebrate their collective creative energy. The lighting collection Myrna, which uses color, shape, and materiality to define intimate spaces through light was launched at this occasion.

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Collaborators: Calico Wallpaper / MUD Australia

Styling by: Jean Lee of L&G Studio

Photography by: Ladies & Gentlemen Studio / Lea Anouchinsky



L&G Lights in The Cedars Residence by Michael Yarinsky

Originally built in 1883, The Cedars sits between the bay and the sound, at the entrance to the quiet town of Orient, New York. Michael Yarinsky Studio worked with their client to create a beautiful and playfully decorated home, referencing the natural environment surrounding the property. L&G’s lighting is featured throughout, including the Myrna Pendant, Maru, Shape Up 3 Piece, Shape Up Globe, Spun Pendant and Aura.

Photography: Charlie Schuck



Editorial series with Charlie Schuck and Kaarem

For L&G, we strive on the explorative spirit especially through meaningful collaborations. Collaborations for us is about bringing together like-minded creatives with different complementary perspectives, approach, skills. Furthermore, it’s about pushing each other to do something outside of what we each normally do to create something special together.

For our latest collaboration, we brought together two long-term friends (and collaborators), photographer Charlie Shuck, and clothing brand, Kaarem to do a editorial shoot exploring the duality of opposites.; solid vs. transparent, light vs dark, soft vs hard.




L&G x 1stDibs Gallery Opening

L&G made its 1st Dibs debut as invitational contemporary exhibitors in the newly-opened Chelsea showroom. The showroom exhibit displayed the studio’s latest lighting collections in abstracted living vignettes, seeking to convey the studio’s playfully austere vision of space where in lighting plays a critical role in defining an environment’s function and spirit.




Launching Iso Swing Arm Lights

We’re really excited to share a new lighting series, name Iso. Iso began with consideration towards a common problem: how to create impactful, functional overhead lighting without a ceiling electrical box.

Addressing this challenge with three simple elements, Iso's single rotating armature elegantly cantilevers from the wall by the lamp's cord to strategically place a globe light source right where it needs to be. The result is an elemental sculpture of functionality in which each of the lamp's elements work together to define its use as well as its form.

Iso installs directly into a wall by two screw points and plugs directly into a wall outlet - eliminating the need for a dedicated junction box or need for an electrician. The arm's adjustable pivot allows the lamp to be positioned and repositioned as the use of a space evolves.

Available in two sizes, 60" and 30", Iso is suitable for installation over dining tables, sofas, or bedside.

A special selection of materials range from brass to tonal texture powder coats accented by a new selection of color-washed glass globes in a subtle yet elegant pearl-like finish.

Glass Globes.jpg

Get more information on Large Iso, and Small iso Swing arm lights for your next project!



KINDRED SPIRITS - L&G Collaborations



Our studio thrives on collaborations to push our studio practice to new territories. 

Since our earliest projects, we've discovered the intrinsic value by working with others to exchange ideas, skills, and approach - each collaborative conversation opens up new possibilities while expanding beyond our day-to-day studio practice.  

This spring, Sight Unseen approached us with a simple brief for their project 'Field Studies':  collaborate with a respected creative to create an original object to benefit charity.  We responded by expanding upon our previous collaborations with clothing brand KAAREM, who's focus on materiality, form, and movement in space is perfectly aligned with our ethos.  

Our mission was to transform the materiality and function of Kaarem's textiles while preserving its magically etherial spirit. Through the method of resin casting, we were able to achieve a feeling of still lightness by suspending the Kaarem textile magically in a clear block form creating a series of one-of-a-kind Ikebana bases and vases. 


unnamed (4).jpg


Previous collaborations with Kaarem include our Scales and Folds photoshoot, and the Alignments Lookbook, two series shot by Kaarem and styled by L&G within immersive environments.


kaarem moodboard.png

 Our collaborations come in many forms - whether it's applying our ideas to an environment, pushing boundaries of process with talented craftspeople, curating exhibitions, or coordinating workshops, these projects are critical to our studio's explorative approach. 

Should you have a special project you'd like to explore with us, please contact us!






Here's looking at a L&G 'classic' - the Aura Pendant, our very first lamp.   Designed in 2012, it was designed as a pure expression of artificial light beginning with the light bulb as the essential unit.  From this, a simple gesture - the brass ring -acts to highlight the act of illumination exposing a delicate glowing halo surrounding the luminaire. 

In our minds, nothing more was required to celebrate the wonder of modern lighting.


Image by  KAAREM

Image by KAAREM


We believe our responsibility as designers is to highlight the simple ingredients that make the mundane magnificent.  After all, the very idea of artificial light is a modern marvel we take for granted everyday.

Getting down to the essentials is the most challenging and rewarding part of a design exploration.  We believe reductionism is one way to discover honest answers about an object's function, form, and soul.  Aura is a celebration of this approach but also ushered in our long-standing fascination with light, shadow, and texture.


aura moodboard 3.png


The Aura collection is available in a variety of finishes and configurations from small pendants to large clusters.  Each provides simple, light fixtures to accent surrounding spaces. 
See more from our Aura Collection by clicking the link below. 

La Sirena restaurant in NYC, by TPG Architecture

La Sirena restaurant in NYC, by TPG Architecture




From the very beginning of our design careers, MUJI has had a special place in our hearts.  Their honest approach to material, function, and lifestyle has always been an inspiring reference point for us.

This year's NY Design Week afforded us the ultimate honor of working with MUJI to create a special installation celebrating their 10 year anniversary in the US.  


Taking the form of a landscaped garden, MUJI Materials Garden featured a series of vignettes curating selections of  MUJI’s products composed with their raw source materials.

Evoking the curiosity of a garden stroll, the landscape explored the genuine origins of the products while conjuring our Visual Stories series, our on-going photo journal of compelling material compositions found in our travels and everyday life.  We imagined an experience that shares our fascination with materials - a passion we share with MUJI.


A haptic stone pathway connected each garden vignette, encouraging visitors to ponder MUJI products in a new context by wandering, exploring, and discovering the inherent beauty of the materials they originate from.

While diverse and broad MUJI's range of products are connected by their materiality and thoughtfulness.   We aimed to reflect this in the landscape by carefully juxtaposing the materials with minimal styling or finishing - letting their natural qualities speak for themselves.


While researching the installation, we studied the material origins of MUJI’s most popular products, finding moments of natural beauty in each ingredient.   The process was marked by binge watching 'How it's Made' videos, exciting field trips, and hands-on ideation. 

We were overjoyed to see visitors expressing similar curiosity...


Every year, we take NY Design Week as an opportunity to push the boundaries that define our studio. Our ongoing exploration of materiality is at the heart of everything we do at Ladies & Gentlemen Studio be it products, sculpture, environments or design experiences.

Big thanks to MUJI for an unforgettable experience!