'An arrangement of groups or forces in relation to one another'
Expanding upon L&G Studio's fascination with material composition, "ALIGNMENTS" transforms L&G Studio's everyday discoveries into a spatial installation celebrating unexpected intersections of color, texture, surfaces and motion.  Utilizing colored & textured planes to create layers, the installation guides viewers to weave through the space to evoke a sense of discovering in a retail context.   Additionally, L&G Studio employed a series of kinetic sculptures and frame works for a curated selection of wearables.  The result was an immersive environment that synthesized the character of each brand in a single cohesive space.    L&G Studio often marvel at the moments when the right elements coalescence to creating something surprisingly beautiful and effortless.   In fact it's this type of alignment that brought the brands together with Anthom, Kaarem, and Gray Matters.  

SET DESIGN & OBJECTS: Ladies & Gentlemen Studio /  CLOTHING: Kaarem / SHOES: Gray Matters / PHOTOGRAPHER: Brian Nguyen / STYLING:
Chuong Pham, Kathy Bach, Jean Lee   SET DESIGNERS: Ladies & Gentlemen Studio / MODEL: Amanda Uribe  / HAIR & MAKE-UP: Ayaka Nihei / PHOTO ASSISTANT: Sisi Liu / CLOTHING: Kaarem / SHOES: Gray Matters