"Alignments" - an arrangement of groups or forces in relation to one another. 

In time for NY Design Week 2016, Ladies & Gentlemen Studio teamed up with Anthom, a womenswear shop in SoHo, to create a shoppable installation within their new space.

Using this opportunity to physically express L&G's visual stories, Alignments was a 3D sketch of an immersive environment, which highlighted the sculptural quality of two favorite fashion brands. Pieces from Kaarem (a past L&G collaborator), and Gray Matters became elements of large scale mobiles and arrangements designed specifically for the space. Simply constructed visual planes created a dynamic spatial experience that celebrated harmonious intersections of color, texture, and motion while honoring the space and the merchandise. 

L&G's is passionate about creating environments and experiences that tell a unique stores.  If you have a special space you'd like help celebrating, please contact at the link the below.